Our Vision


A study was conducted where it was discovered that 70% of children passing out of colleges and educational institutes do not have the key skills & approach that are a pre-requisite for all jobs. These are communication skills, the right attitude and practical application in the real world. Excelling in academics is not enough to be successful in careers. Communication skills, interpersonal skills, positive attitude and team work are vital to their success.

  • We lay a strong emphasis in developing strong communication and interpersonal skills of our children. These skills are inculcated from junior section onwards in various ways e.g. storytelling, debating, team work etc.
  • We have an advisory council that constitutes of IIM's and CEO's of corporate who monitor the progress of the school and ensure that continuous improvements are implemented
  • We have additional classes relating to etiquettes, grooming and hygien
  • Creation of a homely environment where even small gestures of love hold phenomenal importance for the child. gentle healing touch, encouragement and one to one attention to the children will ensure a warm & positive environment and contribute to their all round development.
  • Teachers as second parents. Handpicking teachers who besides having the appropriate qualifications are passionate about giving best to each and every child
  • Creating an Ambience and environment to which a child can easily connect with - Vatsalya has an Open environment and promotes close interaction with Parents
  • Creating a vibrant environment where co-curricular activities are inherent in the day to day education pattern. On a pleasant day we could have a class outside or under a tree. The focus here is to make education as an enriching experience rather than restricted to forced, rote learning. Storytelling skills are the key attributes of our teachers.

Inculcation of Indian values

  • Bring close to our culture through folk dances, patriotic songs and other co-curricular activities.
  • Introduce Guru shishya parampara in classroom teachings.
  • Certain time devoted in a day by the class teacher to impart our values, rich lineage, quoting examples from Mahabharata, Vedas.
  • Have yoga classes, more outdoor activities, and special emphasis on physical fitness which is a key to mental fitness.
  • Learning by example - teachers are setting example of love and mutual respect towards each other