About Us


Born in the year 1993, vatsalya is the first cbse school in Vidisha (M.P.). Over the year it has carved a niche for itself in the field of education and has progressed with more schools and colleges under its wing. Vatsalya has an impressive number of over 5000 students in its campus. The students are constantly taking up challenges to excel in different fields.

Vatsalya as a parent

Vatsalya - Stands for a mother's love for her child, pure, precious, unconditional, ever giving, adorned with fine morals and values, believing in the supreme power of bonding and binding everyone with love.

Describing Vatsalya in a nutshell is a herculean task. The word seems to be ageless, living through ages and existing since eternity. It stands for Past, Present and Future. Before any sort of script was coined, Vatsalya was there as a divine messenger spreading love and warmth over the Universe.

We at vatsalya take pressure and anxiety off the parent's mind. Your child will be embraced with love and warmth. Encouragement to participate in all individual and group activities. Strategists to spot and nurture talent.

Shodi Ma'am The Founder Of Vatsalya School

Mrs. U. Sodhi

The Ex-principal of Army Public school Sagar

Founder member and patron of the school Mrs. Urmil Sodhi (M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., Ex-Principal Army Public School, Sagar) has shaped the school and provided guidance to achieve excellence in the field of education.

Fondly known as "Sodhi Ma'am" to the Vatsalya fraternity, she holds an enviable position in the hearts of every member of Vatsalya. humble, simple approachable with a positive attitude and expertise in her profession, has crossed all hurdles with firm determination, confidence and smiling disposition. Her larger than life vision has enabled Vatsalya to attain humble heights in the educational circles.